Dealership Information:

So how does Cleverbuys work?

By joining the Cleverbuys network of dealers, you will be opening your showroom doors to hundreds of thousands of self-qualifying users ready to buy brand new cars from you. Our registered users will contact you directly, read your reviews and get your contact and location details.

You get quick, easy, direct sales, and we only charge upon a success basis – every dealer pays the same amount per sale irrespective of the sale value.

Rewarding successful dealers

Through offering customers outstanding customer service, you will reach a bigger audience as the Cleverbuys system will reward Dealerships who offer customers an exceptional experience - prompt replies, clear and concise information, and an overall great experience. In return you will receive more enquiries and sell more cars. 

I want to Join!

So, if you think that working with Cleverbuys would help your business, please contact us via the Dealership signup form below. But just to let you know, we don’t impose any terms, there are no contacts to sign and our fee system works on trust and honesty.

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