Motoring Advice:

Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto

Apr 28, 2018

Both companies think they know the best way to run smartphones, tablets, web browsers, cloud storage, music services… the list of areas in which these two companies clash is endless.

Add in-car infotainment to that list, if the word ‘infotainment’ doesn’t make you heave too much.

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are out there now, with the latest news being that US auto giant GM has agreed to support both in its new Chevrolet fleet. Now that’s what you call hedging your bets.

So which of these in-car operating systems is best? Let’s consider the main points of comparison.

Choosing a car

Apr 28, 2018

There are some very important benefits to buying new. You get the car you want, in the colour you want, with all the must-have, neon-cup-holder features you’ve always dreamt of.

Plus, it doesn’t come with a suspect history. Instead you get motoring peace of mind depending on how long the manufacturer’s warranty lasts.